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Round No. 3 at NBR!

After the clash two weeks ago it was time for NLS 3 and Walkenhorst Motorsport was back with five cars. For the first time it was possible that Christian Krognes was back in Germany and on the car in 2021. Together with David Pittard and Ben Tuck he drove the BMW M6 GT3 #34. Some… Weiterlesen »


#DoubleTrouble for Walkenhorst Motorsport

Melle. The season just started and for Walkenhorst Motorsport the weekends are already full with race events. The first “clash” was on the third weekend of April, where the team participated at the NLS 2 and in Monza for the GTWCEU. In total they ran four M6 GT3, one M4 GT4 and two M2 CSr…. Weiterlesen »