Race Report NLS 6&7 12h

Sensational weekend for Walkenhorst Motorsport

Walkenhorst Motorsport celebrates victory and double victory at the sixth and seventh round of the Nürburgring Endurance Series.


Nürburgring. Another season highlight of the Nürburgring Endurance Series lies behind Walkenhorst Motorsport. The double event of the sixth and seventh race offered fans 12 hours of ringside action. The race on Saturday also created a 24h atmosphere as the race continued into the night. In addition, the combination with the Red Bull Formula Nürburgring attracted over 60,000 visitors to the Eifel.

This time Walkenhorst Motorsport had two drivers in both pro vehicles. The #34 was driven by the well-known duo Christan Krognes and Jakub Giermaziak. The drivers of #35 consisted of Dylan Pereira and Niklas Krütten. There was also another GT3 in use. This maneuvered BMW factory driver Charles Weerts, Carrie Schreiner and Christian Bollrath. Jörg Breuer took part in the team’s Saturday race, while Peter Posavac took the wheel on Sunday. In addition, two Hyundais were again used in the VT2 class to handle the permit journeys.

The qualifying session on Saturday began with an accident for the team from Melle. Jakub Giermaziak lost the car on the first lap, causing the #34 to be badly damaged and therefore having to start the race last in the first starting group. Right from the start, the Pole showed all his driving skills and was already in 13th overall position after the first lap on the Nordschleife. After two more laps, the BMW M4 GT3 was at the front of the field. Thanks to the great work of the crew and the top lap times of the driver duo, Walkenhorst Motorsport was able to celebrate victory in NLS 6 after around six hours.

Unfortunately, the vehicle with #35 was affected by a technical defect. Although this could be remedied, valuable time was lost. After the repair work, Niklas Krütten and Dylan Pereira fought their way up to a good seventh place overall.

With the double victory on Sunday, Walkenhorst Motorsport achieved a perfect weekend.

After a great and error-free race by both pro driver pairings, Christian Krognes and Jakub Giermaziak as well as Niklas Krütten and Dylan Pereira landed in first and second place respectively. They gave Walkenhorst Motorsport the first double victory in the history of the endurance cup.

The vehicle with the number #36 had less luck this weekend. While the car had to be parked in the pits after four hours on Saturday due to a technical defect, an accident occurred on Sunday that made it impossible to continue driving. Charles Weerts had set himself the goal of preparing for the next season and collecting important kilometers on the Nordschleife. He was able to complete his stints without any problems. Carrie Schreiner also celebrated her debut in the BMW M4 GT3 and impressed with very good lap times and a consistent stint in the race.

Unfortunately, the Hyundai pairings were unlucky. The #466 with Dev Gore, Manuel Maldonado and Lucas Frayssinet had an accident and could not resume the race. A technical defect on the Hyundai i30N #470 also caused problems, but Bennet Ehrl and MJ Lim were able to finish the race and thus also completed the kilometers required for the permit.