That’s how the last weeks felt like literally. From the Nürburgring directly to the USA without a break. Walkenhorst Motorsport participated at the big 24H of NBR with two M6 GT3 and two M4 GT4. Three of them were completely designed with the Team’s main sponsor TOTAL liveries. One of the M4 GT4 was the car of the BMW Juniors.

Christian Krognes, David Pittard, Mikkel Jensen and Jordan Pepper were the pilots of the M6 GT3 #101 in the SP9 PRO. These guys started the 24H weekend very motivated and with the focus to get out with the best possible result. The guys managed the qualifying at P10 and started the race after the top-qualifying from P9. They did an awesome job with zero mistakes but unfortunately the weather was not on their side. The rain even caused a 7h lasting red flag. But even afterwards it didn’t stop raining which didn’t help the pace in the wet. In the end the #101 finished at P12, which is as well a fantastic result after such a tough race.

Henry Walkenhorst, Andreas Ziegler together with father and son, Friedrich and Mario von Bohlen were sitting in the M6 GT3 #100. It was the first 24h race for Mario which was an ultimate highlight for him. Unfortunately a crash took them a lot of time after starting from P16. The team managed to get the car ready so that the race could be continued. After the red flag and heavy conditions the green hell got the #100 again and the race wasn’t able to be finished by the crew. Seems like it wasn’t supposed to be this time.

The TOTAL M4 GT4 #74 with Ben Tuck, Jörg Breuer, Tobias Wahl and Sami-Matti Trogen qualified in P2 in SP8T. The drivers showed a very good pace and managed to finish the race at P4 without any incidents. Ben Tuck and Sami-Matti Trogen drove together the first time and proved their skills super well. The team is planning more with them two together in the future for sure.

Last but not least, the BMW Junior guys had their 24h debut and managed to win in the SP8T class. A wonderful result for Daniel Harper, Neil Verhagen and Max Hesse. The team is super proud to be working with the guys and being able to support their development in this year.

After this tough week Walkenhorst Motorsport didn’t have a break. The team directly took the flight to Indianapolis where they finally participated with two M6 GT3 at the IGTC 8h Indianapolis race – the M6 GT3 #34 with Augusto Farfus, Nicky Catsburg and Connor de Phillippi and the sister car M6 GT3 #35 with Martin Tomczyk, Nick Yelloly and David Pittard. The drivers as well have a tough calender but still managed a very professional and outstanding performance. The race weekend started with a test session, qualifying and pole shootout in which the #34 managed to be on pole position. The #35 started the race from P4. The weather conditions at the race day were super tricky. Many teams struggled a lot with the tyre decision. After going out for the first laps, Walkenhorst Motorsport decided to get back to the pit and change the tyres as it started raining so heavily. This caused some terrible crashes on the track for other teams. However, both cars did a zero mistake job and they were leading the race at P1 and P2 for a very long time. Even though the competition was a very hard one the crew managed to stay at their positions and saved a double win for the team. What an amazing result and feeling for the whole team.

“I really cannot explain in words how proud I am. The last weeks were really hard for the whole team and I appreciate their effort so much. Even though we wished for a better result at the 24h NBR, I can say that we did everything that was possible. Unfortunately I couldn’t join the USA race but I watched everything live and was super nervous. The feeling to lead the race for such a long time is incredible. It reminded me of SPA in 2018. We will take this motivation for sure to the next big 24h race in already two weeks. Cannot wait to be there again and hopefully to get 2018 goose bumps back. A big thank you again to all the drivers and whole crew” Henry Walkenhorst.